Ways to Stop Smoking

After understanding the real perils of being a smoker, now you have taken the important decision of your life to quit smoking. This decision is going to have a very profound effect on your life and as well as the lives of each one of your family members.  When you are thinking about the ways to stop smoking / how to stop smoking be aware that this is not going to be an easy task to come out of smoking. This needs lots of determination, planning and you have to make lots of changes both physically and mentally to make your life completely nicotine free.
9-out-of10 smokers have tried to quit smoking at some point in their life. However, among 10 such attempts, only 1 ultimately manages to give up the addiction. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to stop smoking.

There are many ways to stop smoking and some of these given below are sure to help you get more determined to come out of smoking:

  • Think about your decision: the first way to increase the determination is to think about your decision. This is to clear your mind and prepare yourself mentally about why you want to quit smoking, what are the benefits you are going to enjoy by becoming a non- smoker and how your health is going to improve after you stop smoking, and the savings you are going to make by  not spending on smoking. This will help you achieve the right focus and bring more determination and mental energy necessary for quitting smoking.


  • Think positive and act positive: do not get discouraged by the fact that you have given up your quit smoking attempts earlier, and make sure and tell yourself that this time it is going to be different and you are fully determined to stop smoking.
    The most prominent withdrawal symptoms include feelings of irritation, stress, and mood swing. These troubles intensify to the extent that it turns impossible for you to maintain the perfect balance of your mind. The only way to win over this challenge is to culture positive thoughts. For instance, you can motivate yourself, thinking about the comprehensive health benefits that you will get, after you finally stop smoking.


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  • Make a plan to quit smoking: planning is one of the ways to stop smoking and at this stage you have to make a practical, workable plan to quit smoking, and provide everything including your target date, the ways you are going to win over the craving for nicotine, and how you are going to change your lifestyle to make your journey towards quit smoking a reality.
    A haphazard and abrupt attempt will not get you success in your mission to quit smoking. Rather, you should take up a comprehensive and consolidated planning that should have a specific date for the program to start, as well as a tentative date for the completion of the program. Before starting the program, take time to motivate yourself and always take a balanced approach that will make it easier for you to stick to the plan.
    Making a Plan can help Stop SmokingOnce you have started the program, please stick to it and don’t feel shocked by the effects of the withdrawal symptoms, as such complications are ought to come. If you have to quit smoking, you will have to overcome that and win over these challenges.
    In addition, you require identifying the times when you feel the strongest craving to smoke. If you can control yourself during those instances, it turns easier for you to quit smoking. It will be wise to take the support of quit smoking aids, however, you should not get to the extent of addiction to them.
    Sticking to these tricks and tips, you can expect to win over the craving for smoking, and quit smoking within a short span of time.


  • Healthy Diet can help Stop SmokingYou need to give a special attention to your diet: If you are wondering for the most effective ways to stop smoking, keep it in mind that your diet plan deserves attention. A research made in the United States suggests that foods like meat enhances the urge for smoking, and hence you need to control the intake of such foods while you are fighting to give up smoking. Your dietician will be able to suggest the best diet plan that will aid to quit smoking.


  • Make necessary changes: the process of coming out of smoking needs lot of changes and for this you have to think a lot, and gather the things that must be accomplished for making your quit smoking a success. Collect as many resources as possible for this and make necessary changes in your diet, drinks and other regular habits that have an impact on your quit smoking effort. Consciously put these changes into your life in a sustained manner so that you get the feeling that you are getting near your smoke free day with confidence and comfort.


  • Know the right ways to win over the craving: while finding ways to stop smoking you have to be very careful in finding the real ways of winning over the cravings for nicotine and be prepared with alternative ways of dealing with it without giving in to the temptation. See that you have the support of your family and friends who can actually help in your fight against smoking sensation and always have a group of supportive people who can give a hand in your efforts to make your life a smoke free one.


  • Move with confidence: while you are on your quit smoking journey never turn back and be on the right track and do not give up your mind on giving up the smoking habit. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and convince yourself with the advantages of becoming a non- smoker and the benefits you are going to get when you begin saying no to smoking.


Thus, you have to find the right ways to stop smoking and by following a fully planned practical approach, you can easily reach your goal with determination and you can become a successful person in your life by becoming a non- smoker.



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