Is Nicotine Bad for you?

Is Nicotine Bad for you?

Is nicotine bad for you? This is a topic that is given much discussion and just like any other topic, a debate goes around this topic as well. There is 1 camp that never hesitates to give the verdict that nicotine is bad for you, while in the opinion of another camp, more research and observations are required to reach to a conclusion regarding this. However, if you consider the data available till date, it can definitely be said that nicotine influences your brain and body in a manner that leaves some detrimental effects on both these aspects. Hence, it can be said for sure that nicotine is bad for you.

Today, the probable dangers, arising from the consumption of nicotine products have reached to an alarming extent. In contemporary times, more and more of nicotine products are coming up the line and, as the options on these products are ever increasing, more and more health risks are coming to the attention. Hence, if you are wondering, is nicotine bad, there are ample of evidences to support that the habit of consuming nicotine is definitely a threat to the health. Therefore, if you really love yourself and you wish to live a happy life, you will inevitably need to refrain from the consumption of nicotine products.

A point that will be highly relevant to state in this regard is that nicotine products, in all forms, are challenging for the health of the consumers. It can affect the brain as well as the physical health. Though, cigarette is held the main culprit for triggering those health hazards that arises from the consumption of nicotine products, you cannot give a clean chit to products like nicotine patches, gums as well as any other products that contain nicotine. All these products work in the similar manner to develop a pathway for nicotine dependence, forcing you to take this chemical in more extent. As the volume of consumption rises, the supply of more toxins will definitely intensify the troubles that can arise as consequences.
Therefore, if you are wondering, is nicotine gum bad for you, you should make a note that any such products can be dangerous should you overdose it, and hence if you have to overcome the slightest chances of falling into the traps of these threats, the only way is to refrain from the consumption of these products on the whole.

What makes Nicotine Detrimental to your Brain and Physical Health?

Is Nicotine Bad for youDiscussing the topic ‘is nicotine bad for you’, first and foremost, you need to have a precise understanding on the point, Why is nicotine bad. Likewise, you should have a clear understanding of the pathway on which nicotine works and influences your brain and health. Once you smoke or consume any other nicotine products, it just takes around 20 seconds for the brain to receive the nicotine and once it reaches the brain, it starts producing its effects in under a minute’s time. Keep in mind that even if Nicotine is not Carcinogenic, however, nicotine is highly addictive in nature. The length of time for how long drugs in system is also dependant on the level of one’s use of nicotine products.

Why is Nicotine Bad?

Now, the answer to the question: ‘why is nicotine bad’, starts unfolding from this point. Being addictive, it will stimulate a feeling of relaxation and calmness and this is going to drive you for taking more nicotine so that you can continue to have the nice feeling. This, in turn, will force you to gradually enhance the volume and extent of intake. Once you have reached that phase, you become a soft target for an array of complications of the brain and physical health, taking a devastating toll on your health and wellbeing. Thus, the answer to the question is Nicotine bad for you, is pretty straightforward.


Here are a few key points that will be relevant to mention in this regard:

  • Nicotine holds 5 to 10 time’s higher potential to produce Psychological and Behavioral troubles, compared with the capacities of Morphine and Cocaine in this regard. Likewise, Nicotine holds much higher capacity to produce the addiction, compared with these agents.

  • Nicotine creates a pathway that forces you to take these products more frequently and in much higher extent that, in turn, makes your health vulnerable to various health risks.

  • Nicotine dependence has seen many people face problems while trying to quit smoking or stop the habit of consuming nicotine based products. In this regard, it will be worthy to mention that only a bare minimum part of the Nicotine consumers trying to quit such habits, eventually manages to achieve success in this regard.

  • Nicotine is known to raise blood pressure, and increase the rate of heart beat.
    Nicotine is known to raise blood pressure, and increase the rate of heart beat.
    Nicotine influences a specific area of the human brain, the Adrenal Medulla, that enhances the adrenaline flow. This enhances the extent of blood pressure, rate of heart beat and respiration. These conditions, on the whole, trigger some intense effects on the cardiac and respiratory systems.
  • Nicotine plays a major role in triggering troubles like sleep disorders. This chemical negatively influences the nervous system and if you are consuming it at night, it will excite the nerves, making you more alert and prevent sound sleep. This, in turn, will intensify the rate of cell damage, enhance the effects of aging and develop stress and strain. Do you need further proof to establish is nicotine bad for you or not?


When it comes to the damages caused by nicotine. Of course, smokers stand the highest threats.

Here are the key points of threats, associated with smoking:

  • Smoking acts as the main reason for death for more than 50% of the smokers, who smoking regularly.

  • In 2003, around 12% of the total deaths in Australia happened as outcomes of regular smoking. Even if it is not resulting in death, it is likely to reduce the quality of lifestyle significantly.

  • Comparison between smokers and nonsmokers, establish the data that smokers stand 4 times higher risks to catch severe cardiac troubles. Smoking one cigarette a day, you are enhancing the chances for such troubles by 6% or more.

  • In 90% of the cases, smoking is the main cause beyond lung cancer. In addition, smokers stand the highest chances for catching oral cancer.

  • It has been found through research that the smoke of cigarette includes over 4000 compounds. The majority of these compounds finds applications in products like cosmetics, paints, dry cleaning, and these agents can trigger various damages to the brain, kidney and liver.

  • Another threatening agent in cigarette is ‘Tar’. It’s said that addiction to cigarette grows for nicotine, while the killer is actually the Tar. It is not the slightest of the overstatement as it is known these days that it is the main factor beyond cancers in the throat and lung. In addition, the Tar stains the skin and teeth of the smokers and causes various damages to the fine air lining in the lung that makes it difficult to breath and it reduces the genetic capacity of the body to fight infections. More than 70% of the total tar content gets deposited in the lungs of the smoker.

  • Smoking alone accounts for more than 70% of the Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) troubles. It damages the airways and makes them narrower that makes it almost impossible for the smooth passage of air through the lungs.

  • Individuals, having troubles with excessively high blood pressure, can turn more vulnerable to various health hazards, if they are regular smokers. It can even result in instances like the bursting of the brain’s blood vessel, called Intracerebral stroke.
    The list as how is nicotine bad never stops within the scopes of the troubles, discussed above. In addition, the habit of consuming nicotine can eventually trigger arrays of various other troubles that can make life miserable. Hence, while discussing on the topic how and why nicotine product is bad for you, you will inevitably have to give a special mention on those aspects as well. Knowledge of those points will definitely motivate you to give up this adverse addiction.

  • Manifold troubles with the skin: 9-out-of-10 regular consumers of Nicotine products are likely to suffer from troubles with the health of the skin. The most important points in regards to the question is nicotine bad includes the chances of appearances of rashes and allergy. These are the most commonly observed side effects that you will see in consumers of nicotine products. In addition, smoking often causes the dehydration of the skin that will intensify the rate of cell death and damage. Thus, it will be right to say that consumption of Nicotine can severely damage your skin and retard your appearance, significantly.

  • Shortness and irregularity of Breath: if the evidences stated above is yet to establish that nicotine really bad for you, here comes a point that will definitely shake your legs. In the majority of the instances, especially the smokers are seen to suffer from troubles like shortness and the irregularity of the breath. This can trigger more risk to the respiratory system and as the troubles go on intensifying, you turn more and more vulnerable to these respiratory troubles. Hence, you are ought to lose a significant part of your well being and convenience whilst taking nicotine products.

  • Feeling exhausted and weak: it is obvious that if the lung and respiratory system is not working smoothly and the arteries have narrowed down, the cell will not be getting the adequate supply of oxygen. Hence, you will not feel active. This is another trouble that is frequently observed in smokers. If truth be told, smoking actually enhances the extent of stress and strain, and hence one may feel weak and exhausted. Comparing the smokers with the non-smokers, people from the second group stay more active, even at higher ages.

  • Chances of losing teeth: not only smoking, but, the consumption of any nicotine-based products are going to take a toll on your dental health and can even trigger in loss of teeth. Even if you are not losing your teeth, there is every chance that you can encounter bad breath inside the oral cavity, especially if you are smoking or consuming tobacco products in any forms.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Nicotine
    Smoking can increase one’s chances of infertility and erectile dysfunction.
    Erectile Dysfunction and male impotency: it is an irony to state that the count of victims of erectile dysfunctions and male impotency is rising sharply, across the globe. In the majority of the instances, victims are having a history of consuming nicotine based products or smoking excessively. Such habits result in narrowing the artery that blocks the flow of adequate flow of blood, resulting in such troubles. Smoking can even reduce the concentration and count of sperm in men.
  • Female infertility: Likewise, consumption of nicotine products can trigger infertility issues in females as well. Smoking or consuming nicotine products in any forms during pregnancy can severely damage the placenta. As such, it will be right to say that such habits during the pregnancy stage can trigger several of complications and troubles in pregnant women as well as cause severe troubles to the unborn baby.


Nicotine Can Escalate the Chances for the Occurrence of Various Types of Cancer:

Using Nicotine Products Can Increase Chances for Various Types of Cancers in the body.
Using Nicotine Products Can Increase Chances for Various Types of Cancers in the body.
The biggest health risk that revolves around nicotine products is that it can enhance the chances of cancer of the Lungs, Lips, Gum, Liver as well as in the Oral Cavity. Though Nicotine is not the only cause for such brutal outcomes, it is definitely the strongest contributor in that regards. Comparison between Nonsmokers and smokers suggest that the members of the second group stand 10 times higher chances to catch such ailments, compared with their counterparts, who never smokes or consumes any nicotine based products.

This statement gets the support by the outcome of a study, conducted by Piyali Dasgupta and her team in the year 2008. As this report suggests the span of life drops by 15% or higher in smokers. The team revealed the fact that nicotine actually intensifies the addiction to smoking or to other nicotine products, and then thousands of other severe impurities within these products, prey on one’s health. This way, Nicotine, even if not causing death directly, compels you to absorb chemicals like tar that eventually results in untimely death and in the majority of the instances, various forms of cancer are the immediate cause of death.

Another study made by Po-Li Wei and team in the year 2011 clearly explains how nicotine enhances the chances of colon cancer by 4 times, compared to the chances for the non-smokers to experience such instances. Rabecca Davis came up with a study that habits the consumption of nicotine-based products and enhances the chances of occurrence of lung cancer by 60%. You are ought to give importance to these statistics and make sincere efforts to quit smoking or refrain from the habit of consuming nicotine based products at its earliest, should you not desire an untimely and pathetic death.

Can Nicotine Gums Ever Cause any Troubles to the Consumers?

These days, a rise in the health consciousness triggers smokers to refrain from smoking. The majority of these individuals, after quitting smoking, start taking nicotine gums and that is where they commit a blunder. Research suggests that these apparently innocent products are harmful and as a matter fact, indiscriminate intake of such items will only produce the same adverse results that can appear due to smoking.

If you are not sure whether is nicotine bad for you, be informed that as nicotine gum contain nicotine, it will go on intensifying the addiction to these gums and eventually, you will start consuming the gums more frequently and in higher extent. This will pave the way for more chemical to enter the bloodstream and trigger all the adverse effects that have stated in the paragraphs above. For the unlucky ones, it can even result in gum cancer, oral cancer as well as enhance the chances for tooth loss and catching bad breath in the mouth. Such instances are going to take a toll on your confidence, self-esteem and can make life miserable for you. Therefore, there are no reasons for which you can give the nicotine gums a clean chit.

Another alarm that arises with these items is for the little ones in your family. Suppose, you have left a box of Nicotine gums inside the drawer of your table and your little baby consumes multiple gums at a go. Then, there are nicotine high chances for the occurrence of more problem due to overdose, as just 60 mg of nicotine exposure is strong enough to create arrays of troubles. You will definitely agree to the point that your wellness and wellbeing definitely involves the safety and security of your family members. Hence, you are not in the position to pamper any habit that can potentially be a threat to your family members. Thus, no further proof is needed to answer the question is nicotine gum bad for you. Long term effects of tobacco smoking can be fatal to one health. So, it is advisable for an addict who smokes to move on to alternative nicotine products like nicotine gum and nicotine patches, which doesn’t release any ‘Tar’ into the body.

From the discussion made above, it comes out that the habit of smoking as well as consumption of Nicotine products in any form can trigger adverse effects on your health and can even prey on the wellbeing and safety of your family members, especially the young ones. Therefore, you have got ample of reasons to give up such detrimental addictions that will enable you to secure your health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Your health is the most important resource that you have in your lifetime. Hence, you cannot afford to put it at stake for any reasons whatsoever.



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