What does Nicotine do to your Body & Brain?

What does Nicotine do to your Body & Brain?

In modern times, smoking has been found to be the root-cause of various troubles to the brain and physical health that worsens the quality of life, triggering various of ailments of the brain as well as the body. Hence, health experts are voicing that one must give up smoking at its earliest possible. However, this is not an easy task to perform. Withdrawal from smoking involves various complications with the heat as well as troubles like extensive mood swings and depressions that makes the act of quitting smoking a really challenging task. This is one of the key reasons for which people refrain from making the attempts to quit smoking.

However, don’t assume this task is impossible to do. Millions of people have achieved success in such attempts, and hence, you can definitely step into their shoes. What you need in this regard is a rock-solid determination and if that is to be accomplished, you need to be aware of what does nicotine do. What does nicotine do  to your body and brain? Once you are aware of these perils, it is expected that out of love for yourself, you will get some motivation to quit smoking at its earliest.


What does Nicotine do to your Brain?

Are you wondering, what does nicotine do to your brain and body? If so, the discussion can be started with the effects of nicotine to the brain. First and foremost, with smoking you develop a chemical dependency on Nicotine. When you puff, nicotine gets into the blood stream, reaching your brain within a flash. The chemical then combines with the neural receptors for activating the activities of the neurons in the brain.

Dopamine molecule
Dopamine molecule
Nicotine triggers the neurons that are linked to the neural framework like the one that lies within the brain’s primal area. After the neuron is triggered to activities, a certain portion of the brain liberates a chemical called Dopamine, and it is responsible to bring the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. This chemical creates a positive impression, whenever the brain receives nicotine and thus, the addiction of smoking intensifies. This way, you develop a dependency on nicotine. So, the first answer to the question that what does nicotine do is that it intensifies the addiction towards smoking that compels you to take more toxins.
Eventually you will reach a stage, wherein you will feel like smoking more frequently, and with that you go on enhancing the loads of stress and strain that can take a devastating toll on your usual lifestyle. You will start feeling the lesser urge for sex, troubles in socializing as well as various other complications that can lead you to complete isolation.
Speaking about what does nicotine do to your brain, a study made in 1995 by Raphel Zidovetzki- Mark Fisher-Peijia Chen-Florence M. Hoffman can be accounted. The excerpt of this study is that smoking enhances the risk of thrombotic disorders. As per this study, continuous smoking leads the nicotine to enhance the production of PAI-1 that enhances the chances of Thrombosis disorders as well as chances for brain strokes. Thus, it will be right to say that smoking takes the most devastating toll on your brain health that leads to a stress and strained life as well as makes you a soft target to various ailments of the brain.

Another brutal fact that can be added to the tally of what does nicotine do is that it can change the usual process functions of the brain. As the nicotine excites the neurons, there comes up changes in the brain function. If the brain is compared to a computer, the effect of nicotine is just like the virus that overwrites the normal program and trigger the applications to function in a complex and intricate way, escalating the rate of damage to the brain cells. This happens as a result of constriction of the blood vessels to the brain and thus, the brain receives insufficient blood and oxygen. As the supply of blood to the brain drops down, the brain will receive insufficient nutrition that will hinder its usual functions, triggering troubles like memory loss, inability to concentrate and several other lacunae that retards your worthiness and capabilities, on the whole.


What does Nicotine do to your Body?

What does nicotine do? Are the damages just restricted to the brain only or it affects the body as well? Research suggests that the impact of smoking trigger detrimental effects for the human body as well. Hence, it is likely that you are wondering that what does nicotine do to your body. In this regard, this hazardous addiction takes toll on your central nervous and cardiovascular systems, respiratory mechanism, as well as on the Gastrointestinal system, making you a soft target for various troubles and ailments in these aspects.

Nicotine can bring fluctuations in the heart rate.
Nicotine can bring fluctuations in the heart rate.

  • As for the Central nervous and the Cardiovascular systems, you can start feeling Dizziness, catch headache, as well as feeling of lightheadedness. Some individuals suffer from troubles like sleep disturbances.

  • Likewise, it can trigger high blood pressure, bring fluctuations in the heart rate as well as trigger troubles of the Coronary artery.

  • Regular smokers suffer from shortness of breathing, Bronchospasm and these individuals are more likely to catch cancer of the lungs or face.

  • Acute and chronic joint pain are yet another commonly observed troubles in the smokers.

  • If you are wondering what does nicotine do to your body, you need to keep in mind that it enhances the chances of peptic ulcer and cancer.

  • Smokers commonly suffer from troubles like Diarrhea, Nausea, Heartburn, and Dyspepsia.

  • Using nicotine products in also linked to infections of the urine tract

Smokers who smoke regularly and heavily, starts suffering from excessive dryness of the skin. The skin in such individuals takes a dry and deadly appearance which happens due to excessive rate of cell damage due to dehydration of the skin. You will often find such people having a pale and yellowish complexion that significantly retards their appearance. Likewise, nicotine has been found to be the main culprit beyond skin cancers and other skin ailments that are stubborn and almost impossible to reverse.
In this regard, it will be especially relevant to state that though nicotine is accused as the main culprit, there are various other hazardous agents in cigarette that can trigger various other complications and troubles with the brain and physical health. Thus, the outcome of smoking is highly detrimental and it can even result in untimely death. Hence, if you want to escape such possibilities, you will inevitably have to quit smoking.
Discussing on the point that what does nicotine do to your body, a study conducted by Patric Frankman and Michel Cabanac will be highly relevant to mention. As per this report, nicotine even plays a role to retard the set point of body weight. The test was conducted on 7 regular smokers and 3 infrequent smokers and it came to the observation that the regular smokers tend to lose healthy body weight.
As per this study, as nicotine creates a feeling of pleasure and happiness, smokers feel less craving for food and even their appetites drops down significantly. Thus, they will refrain from taking foods regularly. This is because that the liberation of Dopamine creates sweet stimuli that brings a feeling of completeness and hence, the feeling of hunger gets to the back foot. The effect is that a smoker will develop a habit of consuming lesser volume of food that paves the way for unhealthy weight loss.

This is another brutal disadvantage of smoking and hence, you must include it in the list of answers for the question what does nicotine do. Such unhealthy weight loss will make you lesser active and thus, you are likely to turn lesser productive. Another brutal outcome of such unhealthy weight loss is that you turn vulnerable to various ailments.

For the discussion made above about what does nicotine do, it comes to the conclusion that nicotine’s negative effects can affect the brain & Physical health as well as their usual functions, making one vulnerable to various risks and threats. The abnormal rise in the rate of cancers of various types is mainly due to smoking.

Thus, it is needless to say that you must take the efforts to withdraw yourself from such addictions. Even if you have to face some complications at the time of withdrawing from nicotine, the sweet outcome that you will get in the long run, makes it worthy and wise to get into such measures.


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