Glossary of Nicotine Products – Gum – Patch – e-Liquid

Glossary of Nicotine Products – Gum – Patch – e-Liquid

Glossary of Nicotine Products:


Nicotine Patch:

Nicotine Patch– The most effective solution to treat nicotine withdrawal
As one can make out from the heading itself, the nicotine patches come effective in treating the troubles, associated with nicotine withdrawal. Likewise, this item is used for treating the urge for smoking. Thus, nicotine patches are among the most common type of nicotine products, available in contemporary times. The benefit in this item is that it will give you the same satisfaction that you get from smoking, yet keeping in check the extent of nicotine going into the bloodstream and it comes free of the hazardous compounds, found in tobacco.

Before you start the consumption of the nicotine patches, it will be better to seek a consultation with your doctor. You should inform the doctor if you ever had allergic tendencies to nicotine. If you have ever experienced troubles like occurrence of rash, hives or other complications, after the consumption of nicotine products, it will be wise to start the intake of this item after consulting your physician. Likewise, the folks suffering from excessively high rate of blood pressure, irregular breathing or any troubles with the cardiac or respiratory system, should think thrice, before starting the intake of these products.

Nicotine Gum:

Nicotine GumNicotine gum finds application for helping smokers to refrain from smoking. These chewing gums are usually used along with programs for smoking cessation and it is likely to include counseling, support groups, as well as specific techniques for behavioral changes. This product comes with the category of smoking cessation aid and it works by supplying nicotine to the body in eliminating the withdrawal symptoms that arises when you try to quit smoking. Nicotine gum can be used for reducing the urge of smoking.

Following are few of the points that you need to keep in mind while using these products:

  • You should chew the gum and never swallow it.

  • Stick to the dose suggested by your physician or as mentioned by a specialist over the counter.

  • You should try to decrease the extent of consumption as well as stretch the frequency of consumption to the maximum extent possible.

  • You should go on chewing the gum slowly. It will be better if you are not drinking or eating 15 minuted prior or after you chew these gums.

  • You should not chew more than one gum at a time. Such practices are likely to lead you to the complication that arises due to overdose.

  • Refrain from taking more than 24 gums a day. (less in some cases)


Zonnic Nicotine Gum:

Zonnic Nicotine Gum– One of the most popular choices among the nicotine chewing gums
A product from Niconovum INC, the Zonnic nicotine Gum enjoys a massive demand across the globe and it is rated as one of the most effective nicotine chewing gums. The active ingredient in this product is nicotine polacrilex and each piece contains this agent to an extent that is equivalent to 2 mg of nicotine. This product is used as an aid to quit smoking and it comes effective in reducing the withdrawal troubles, stops the drive for smoking, and assists in a smooth attempt to stop smoking.
The consumption of Zonnic nicotine gum is not suggested for those individuals who recently had cardiac troubles, suffering from excessively high blood pressure, diabetes or ulcers. Likewise, it is advised that you consult the doctor, before you start the consumption of these gums, especially if you are running on a sodium-restricted diet or you had seizures. Most importantly, you should inevitably stick within the level of dose suggested by the doctor, and these gums should be kept away from the reach of children and infants.

Liquid Nicotine:

Liquid NicotineAs you can make it from the name itself, ‘liquid nicotine’ is basically a liquid, containing nicotine and it is the key component of e-cigs. This liquid is used to supply nicotine in a restricted extent and it is one of the most effective and the most popular items in the category of quit tobacco smoking aids. The puffing of e-cigs produce the smoke, as you will get from puffing the regular cigarettes, but, this comes absolutely free of the hazardous chemicals as you will find in cases of burning tobacco.
In contemporary times, the market has got the availability of liquid nicotine, coming in various flavors and you can opt for the one that you love the most. However, keep in mind that if you are puffing e-cigarettes in excessive extent, it can trigger you for adopting ‘regular cigarette’ to meet the craving for more nicotine. Overdose can lead to various complications and hence, it should be avoided in all instances. Likewise, if the infants are directly inhaling these items, it can trigger various complications. Hence, you should keep these liquids, out of their reach.

Nicotine Lozenge:

Nicotine LozengeIf you are looking for the items that can enable you to control the craving for nicotine and assist you in treating the complications that arises as the withdrawal symptoms, you will hardly get a better alternative to nicotine lozenge. These items contain nicotine in very small amount, but sufficient enough to give the same feeling of satisfaction that you will get from smoking. As such, it is an apparently a less harmful product that will enable you to satisfy the urge for nicotine, escaping the harmful effects that consumption of nicotine based products can produce. No wonder, these lozenges with nicotine are highly in demand across the globe.

Though the nicotine lozenges come as apparently harmless, research suggests that it can still trigger the dependency on nicotine, especially if you are consuming it in excessive quantity. Likewise, if you swallow the lozenge, it can trigger those troubles that can arise due to direct consumption of nicotine products. It is to be kept in mind that the consumption of this product is not suitable for those users who have allergic tendencies towards nicotine products. Similarly, if you have excessively high blood pressure, you should refrain from consuming these products. Most importantly, you should not use these items along with smoking.

Nicotine Vaporizers:

Nicotine Vaporizers– Key points that you should know about the nicotine vaporizers
Nicotine vaporizers are available in the market since the 1960’s, and it is alternatively known as the E-cigarettes. This device works by applying heat to the liquid, creating the vapor. Inhaling the apparently odorless vapors, a smoker relishes the nicotine hit, as they get from smoking the conventional cigarettes. The market in contemporary times is loaded with these devices, coming in various forms and designs and hence, choosing the one of your choice is not going to be a big deal.
The technology behind the nicotine vaporizers includes: power source, coils for heating and vaporizing the liquid as well as an LED light that gives the same impression as the burning cigarettes. These days, smokers are shifting to the use of these devices from cigarette as it produces the same feeling as in smoking, but doesn’t include the other chemicals.
However, don’t fall into the trap of addiction as it will create the pathway of nicotine dependence. Research suggests that those individuals who started inhaling the vapors in excessive extent, soon start getting into the habit of smoking the usual tobacco cigarettes, and this way the damages intensifies. This product is not suitable if you are suffering from high blood pressure.
Out of nicotine gum, patch, e-liquid. Vaping using e-liquids is the most popular amongst most age groups. Mainly because it is used like a cigarette, and gives off a smoke (less harmful).

Nicotine Inhaler:

Nicotine InhalerDon’t get confused, assuming the Nicotine Inhaler to be the usual inhaler that is used for treating the troubles with breathing. Rather, this is a medication that aids in quitting smoking. Once you attempt to give up the addiction to any nicotine based product, you are ought to suffer from various complications like mood swings, irritation, increased appetite, as well as problems in concentrating. The nicotine inhaler assists in reducing these complications by gradually reducing the supply of nicotine. Eventually, you will get to stage wherein you will not feel the urge for taking nicotine products. For getting the best result, you should include this medicine within the scopes of some comprehensive programs to quit smoking.

As for the dose, each inhaler, carry about 4mg of nicotine and the key ingredients are ethanol and methanol. You should stick to the limit as suggested by your doctor, and you should take guidance from him about the steps to apply this medicine. Though this product apparently seems to be harmless, an overdose will result in severe complications that may turn impossible to reverse. On the other hand, considerate use will aid in faster recovery from nicotine dependence.

Nicotine Polacrilex:

Nicotine PolacrilexNicotine Polacrilex is basically an ingredient that is used in the manufacturing of various types of products and devices, used to overcome the nicotine dependence. For instance, it is used in nicotine lozenges as well as gums and compared with the commercial grade of nicotine that is found in cigarette, this is basically a clinical grade that comes almost free of the impurities. You will also find the use of this agent in the nasal sprays that are used to quit smoking. Right use of the items, containing this agent will assist to quit smoking smoothly and safely.
Though this is a clinical grade of nicotine, however, if you overdose, you are likely to suffer from troubles like the feeling of dizziness, headache, blurred vision, nervousness as well itching, hives and other troubles. It is especially recommended for individuals with excessively high blood pressure that they should consult the doctors, before they start taking this medicine. Most importantly, if you are taking any items that contain nicotine polacrilex, you should not smoke the regular cigarettes. Such attempts will surely produce the most awkward outcomes that may turn irreversible.

Nicotine Pills:

Nicotine PillsNicotine Pills are the items that is considered one of the safest and the most effective in fighting the craving for nicotine as well as to support the troubles that arises as withdrawal symptoms. These pills include clinical grade nicotine in very small extent. However, it is enough to give you the same feeling that you derive after smoking regular cigarettes. The nicotine pills are apparently assumed to be less harmful and thus, it enables the consumers to overcome the dependence on nicotine, surpassing the severe outcomes that can arise from smoking. These days, the majority of the smokers, after giving up smoking, adopt the use of these pills.
However, remember it is a product that is meant to support you for a safe and smooth withdrawal from nicotine, and never should you use it in a manner like substance abuse. Don’t start the consumption of these pills if you are suffering from high blood pressure, neither should you consume more than a set numner of pills a day (as stated on the labeling). Taking excessive pills will definitely trigger troublesome outcomes that can produce brutal results. You should always opt for the products from the top brands and use, as per the dose suggested by your doctor.

Nicotine Free Cigarettes:

Nicotine Free CigarettesAlternatively known as herbal cigarettes, these products work in the similar manner as the usual cigarette works and the best part is that it comes almost free of nicotine. These types are also effective and safe aids for quitting smoking. Nicotine free cigarette is suitable for use by most types of user groups and thus, it is a popular choice among the aids to reduce smoking. Sometimes, these products can even be used on those premises, wherein the use of the traditional tobacco based cigarettes are prohibited for use.
However, before you buy the nicotine free cigarettes, you should always check the ingredients used in its manufacturing. Refrain from the use of cheaper ones that are likely to carry the commercial nicotine. The main challenge in using these products is that it is never free of ‘Tar’ and hence, you should always restrict the smoking of these cigarettes. Likewise, these cigarettes feature the same Mutagenic property of the regular cigarettes. Remember, you are using it to cut tobacco smoking and not as a replacement of the regular brands.

Nicotine Free E Juice:

Nicotine Free E JuiceThis is exactly the same nicotine liquids used in the vaporizers, but, as the name suggests, the nicotine free e-juice will not include the slightest extent of nicotine. In the majority of the instances, these products come with added flavors that addresses the craving for nicotine. In contemporary times, it is one of the most effective aid for controlling smoking and thus, with the passage of time, the demand for these products are rising sharply. However, while buying the nicotine free e juice, you should always opt for the top brands and pick a flavor that you will like. Or else, adjusting with this product can turn into a troublesome task. On the other hand, perfect use of these items will certainly enable you to win over nicotine dependence and thus, paves the way for a smooth and safe withdrawal from smoking.
However, don’t give an absolute clear to these products and use it in the right manner. As excess of anything is not good, it holds true for these products as well. Hence, before you start taking these vapors, you should always seek the guidance and consultation of your doctor. Most importantly, it should be preserved in a place out of the reach of the children so that they don’t consume it directly.

Nicotine Free Hookah Pen:

Nicotine Free Hookah PenThis a smarter and more trendy variation of the Hookahs that are traditional smoking devices. As its name suggests, the nicotine free hookah pen works by producing vapors by heating a nicotine-rich liquid. These devices are mainly used for personal use and in contemporary times, it is one of the most popular aids to quit smoking. The device heats the liquid and produces the vapors that you will have to inhale, similar to smoking the conventional cigarettes. Thus, it will enable you to overcome the craving for nicotine, without standing the risks that this agent can trigger.

The market has the availability an inexhaustible portfolio of nicotine-free hookah pen and you simply need to select the one that comes from a reputable brand. You have the option to select a liquid in the flavor of your choice. However, keep in mind that even if these products are nicotine-free, the added flavor can produce some brutal outcomes, especially if you are vaping heavily. Likewise, it is important to keep this hookah pen, out of the reach of the infants.

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