How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your Urine

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How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your Urine?
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Whenever you smoke a cigar or use tobacco in any way you must understand that you are sending in nicotine into your body. This is a harmful substance and can cause many diseases. In the present days the awareness about the dangerous effects of nicotine is growing and more people who are addicted to nicotine are trying to come out of the use of tobacco and other substances that are adding nicotine to their systems. When you want to quit smoking you must know how long does nicotine stay in urine so that you will be able to decide on the right ways to clean your body of traces of nicotine that remains in your body even after you have stopped smoking or using other substances.
The time of nicotine stay in urine depends on many factors and as long as you have this in your system, it is hard to control the cravings for more and more of it, and in this stage it will be difficult for you to come out of the addiction to nicotine. If you are a long time smoker and you are used to having larger doses of nicotine in your system and blood, your addiction to this is very strong and it may take a long time to clean your body of nicotine.

For a light smoker or low dose nicotine user, nicotine will usually clear in the urine within 2 to 4 days. 7 to 9 days for regular users, and for those who are heavy users, it usually take 1 to 2 weeks for the nicotine to clear their urine.

Due to this the period of treatment you have to undergo to take out the entire nicotine from your body also extends to a longer time frame. If your addiction to nicotine is very strong and you  stop smoking other forms of substance abuse through which you have been adding nicotine to your body, you will be facing very strong withdrawal effects which must be suitably taken care of to help you maintain the right  physical and mental health.

How long does nicotine stay in your urine also depends on various factors and the most common way of finding nicotine in your system is by carrying out a urine test. Due to this you must understand the time duration for presence of nicotine in your urine after you have had your last cigarette. This time to find out nicotine in urine depends on various factors and the most important among them are:

  • how often you are smoking or using nicotine products

  • how long you have been smoking or using nicotine products

  • the type of tests that are administered to determine the presence of nicotine in your blood

Most of the times the tests for finding the presence of nicotine in urine is conducted as a part of the recruitment process by an employer or while purchasing your life insurance policy while you are undergoing medical tests for it. If you want to show a lesser harmless dose of nicotine in your urine or show that you are at the peak of your health, you must know exactly how long does nicotine stay in your urine after you have stopped smoking before the testing is done.

Nicotine Urine Test:

Nicotine Urine Test
Are you aware of the fact that some companies, in instances of hiring new employees, as well as a few insurance companies, require the new clients to take a test for nicotine? In such instances, you will require undertaking the nicotine urine test. As such, it makes sense to discuss about the urine nicotine test that will enable you to gather the necessary knowledge in this regard.

Nicotine Urine Test
Nicotine Urine Test
There are many types of tests done to analyse your urine to find out how much nicotine is present in your body. This is done by testing your urine to find out the quantity of nicotine in your urine and this will show how much addiction you have for nicotine you are having. As such if you want to get better results in the urine test you have to stop smoking or using other nicotine substances well  in advance to clear the nicotine stay in urine. The other types of tests to detect nicotine are by doing a blood test and this usually gives a lower nicotine reading, and to pass in this test you must be aware of the time during which nicotine can be found in your blood or nicotine in urine after you last smoked or taken a nicotine product.

In the present days, we have many ways to find out the amount of nicotine you have in your body by yourself at your home. This will help you to come out of the smoking habit slowly by reducing the amount of nicotine you are adding to your body. By becoming aware of the bad effects of nicotine you have to take a determined approach to come out of smoking and for this you can use home nicotine test kits and take decisive steps to bring down the levels of nicotine in your body and cut down on its bad effects on your health.

In the above circumstances, it is always necessary to know how long does nicotine stay in your urine for getting good test results. Apart from this, you have to take the right steps to bring down the amount of nicotine in your body to quit smoking. For this you can make the necessary changes to your diet as well as do the right type of workouts that is sure to bring out the nicotine in your body. So, due to all these facts, it better to know how long does nicotine stay in urine which is an indication to let you know how longer it is going to take for you to come out of smoking or nicotine products completely.


How The Urine Test Works?

The testing for nicotine in urine is either done through a qualitative or quantitative approach. In the first case, the urine test evaluates the concentration of Cotinine and nicotine in your body. Even if you are not an active user of nicotine products, however it can determine if you have accumulated a certain extent of nicotine in your body for passive intake. In the second case, the testing involves the determination of the presence of nicotine in your body.


What is the Purpose of Conducting The Urine Test?

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This testing is conducted to find the presence of Cotinine and its concentration in your body. The focus is on Cotinine and not on nicotine for the reason that the former is more stable and stays in your body for longer spans. Cotinine will be found in your body only if you intake nicotine products actively. A positive urine test outcome will imply that you are taking tobacco actively. However, even if you are using a nicotine-based quit smoking aid, the result will come positive.
Such assessments are generally ordered in instances of the legal cases, fought for the custody of a child, in processing job applications, or if the employer has adopted zero tolerance on consumption of nicotine products as well as by insurance companies. Likewise, such testings are also conducted before undergoing some surgeries. In addition, your physician is likely to suggest this testing if he suspects the probability of nicotine overdose.



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