Is Nicotine Harmful

Nicotine is the strongest ingredient in tobacco products and there are strong campaigns against the use of tobacco and you will be wondering is nicotine harmful to your health.  For this you must know what does nicotine do to you and you will be convinced of the nicotine health risks and how dangerous it is if you are using tobacco products for a long time. In the present days, there are many ways you can get nicotine in your body apart from using tobacco products. E-cigarettes and chewing nicotine gum are some of the most common ways of getting nicotine in your body.

The health effects of nicotine are well documented and you can find numerous resources both online and offline to know more about this. One of the most important of the side effects of nicotine is that it is highly addictive in nature. Once you are accustomed to using it often, then it becomes a habit and this goes on to make you an addict as long as you have high doses of nicotine in your body.  Most of the people who are smoking cigarettes get an immediate kick as it stimulates adrenal cortex to release epinerphine. This causes a sudden stimulation to the central nervous system which in turn tunes up the endocrine glands resulting in the release of large amounts of glucose that gives a bout of energy to the body for a short time.

This short time stimulation lasts for only a very short duration and the smokers are become addicts for this without thinking how much is nicotine harmful to their health. Normally this short term stimulation is followed by depression and fatigue that puts the user into a trap and he seeks more nicotine to get the stimulation and this forms a habit resulting in strong addiction to nicotine. This results in constant use of substances that supply the body with more and more nicotine build up which is harmful to the body in many ways. There are many harmful effects of nicotine on your health and some of the most important among them are the withdrawal symptoms when a person who has been a chronic smoker is suddenly denied tobacco.

How is Nicotine Harmful to the Body?

Nicotine Health Risks Include:

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  • Blood: increases chances of blood clotting

  • Lungs: bronchospasm

  • Muscular: pain & tremors

  • Gastrointestinal: nausea, dry mouth, heart burn, diarrhoea, dyspepsia

  • Joints: pain

  • Brain: light headedness, headaches, sleep disturbances, dizziness, irritability, abnormal dreams

  • Heart: increased/decreased heart rate, increased blood pressure, coronary artery constriction, tachycardia, arrhythmias

  • Endocrine: insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia


Side Effects Of Nicotine
Side Effects Of Nicotine

How is Tobacco Smoking Harmful to the Body?

Some of the most prominent health effects of nicotine tobacco smoking are:

  • Uncontrolled anger

  • Unexplained hostility

  • Aggressive and abusive behaviour

  • Loss of social cooperation or inability to work in a team

  • Need for longer duration to regain emotional equilibrium following stressful events

  • Impairment of psychomotor functions

  • Inability for language comprehension

Due to all the above, a person who is addicted to smoking and have higher concentration of nicotine in their system always suffer from many adverse bad side effects that have a very bad impact on their health.

Short Term Effects of Nicotine Includes:

  • Irritability in their air passage leading to respiration disorders

  • Enhanced production of phlegm

  • Uncontrolled and persistent coughing

  • Reduced levels of physical activity

  • Increase in levels of bad fat LDL cholesterol

  • Plaguing of blood vessels leading to coronary and circulation problems

  • Sudden thrombosis or formation of blood clots in the blood vessels

  • Dilation of blood vessels

  • Increased heart beat due to sudden variations in blood pressure

  • Heart burn and acid reflux

  • Appearance of peptic ulcers

  • Increased risk of periodontal diseases

  • Bad breath and halitosis due to the deposit of tar in the mouth

  • Inflammation of the middle ear including sinusitis

  • Congestion in the thoracic region

  • Pneumonia and chronic increase in body temperature

  • Micronutrient deficiency and scurvy

  • Damage to body membranes due to excessive oxidation

  • Adverse drug interactions leading to enhanced medical risks


Long Term Effects of Nicotine Includes:

  • Premature menopause in women

  • In case of smoking by pregnant women high risk of still born babies or babies with very low birth weights and children with conduct disorders

  • Constant reduction in physical performance

  • Early setting in of impotency due to erectile dysfunction in young males and frigidity in women

  • Excessive hair loss

  • Rise in skin blemishes including early development of wrinkles and crow’s feet

  • Persistent coughing

  • Advancing hearing loss either in one ear or both

  • Vision problems

  • Gum disease and other types of tooth decay

  • Low bone density leading to serious types of Osteoporosis

  • Delay in healing of wounds due to increased circulation problems

  • Easy Susceptibility to colds and flu like fevers

  • Frequent bouts of headaches

  • Enhanced levels of stress and mood swings

Due to all the above it can be easily seen that there are many unpleasant and bad health effects of Nicotine tobacco smoking, and hence it is very important to consider quitting smoking at the earliest. Apart from the smokers those who are around them are also exposed to so many health risks and hence to safeguard the health of your family especially the kids in your family, smoking tobacco should be given up, and this will help you have a very healthy life for a long time.