Is Marijuana Addictive?

Marijuana has retained its position as the most popular of the recreational drugs, and it comes third after alcohol and tobacco under the category of mood altering agents around the globe. This simple fact is enough to answer the common query ‘Is Marijuana Addictive’ among cannabis users, and more often than not it serves as the gateway drug to much more lethal drugs and addictions. The addictive nature of this drug stems from the intense feeling of pleasure and accomplishments, colloquially referred to as ‘getting high’, that floods the users once it enters their bloodstream. The active chemicals of cannabis, most prominent of which is the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, are responsible for creating this feeling of intense pleasure that hooks the users to this drug.


How is Marijuana Addictive?

The active chemical of cannabis, THC, binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid pathway of the human brain, which is responsible for eliciting the reward function. Thus, the users come to associate feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment produced by the activation of this pathway with the consumption of weed. This leads to the growing dependency of cannabis, which may turn out to be extremely damaging in the long run. Therefore, the concern about ‘Is Marijuana Addictive’ is quite valid, and regular abuse of this drug can make any person both physically and psychologically damaged.

Is Marijuana Bad for You?

Marijuana is capable of affecting almost every major organ system in the body through the spread of its active chemical THC via the bloodstream. Once it enters the bloodstream, THC produces a range of effects within minutes. Even though the weed pot users relate these effects with pleasurable experiences, they need to seriously ask that ‘Is Marijuana Bad for You’. This is because the long-term effects of marijuana abuse do not produce any positive outcome on the body and mind of its chronic users, and can in fact make these people susceptible to a range of health conditions. Moreover, the regular use of marijuana can have a huge impact on the social standing of the addicts, as well as, their relationship and career prospects. Thus, it becomes essential to raise awareness regarding the various ill effects of cannabis addiction to help addicts kick this damaging habit.

Marijuana users experience decreased muscle coordination and motor skills immediately after the active chemical of cannabis has entered their bloodstream. Thus, those under the effect of this drug become incapacitated to drive on their own, or operate heavy machineries. Therefore, it can have a lot of impact on their career prospect, and make them feel restricted. Moreover, users may feel a huge surge in their appetite while under the effect of this drug, and may end up binge eating. This can ruin their diet, and create weight issues in the long run. Finally, marijuana users face a lot of their behavioral issues such as occasional outbursts of rage and impatience, which can have unpleasant consequences for them. Therefore, the answer to the question ‘Is Marijuana Bad for You’ is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Overdose of marijuana can lead to shallow breathing and an increase in the heart rate, along with high blood pressure, all of which can combine to turn out dangerous, and even fatal for the users. Moreover, smoking weed can make the addicts more predisposed towards developing lung cancer because smoking a marijuana joint is as harmful as five normal cigarettes continuously one after another. The increasing dependence on marijuana can also lead to chronic depression, as well as, disturbances in the usual sleeping pattern. Thus, the harmful effects of marijuana abuse are quite extensive, and it is quite apparent that the answer is always going to be in the affirmative in response to the query regarding ‘Is marijuana Bad for You’.


How to get Marijuana Out of your System:

The addictive nature of marijuana makes it quite a challenge to kick this habit for the regular users without having to disrupt their already fledgling career and lifestyle in a serious way. However, if there is will there is always way, and this stands true for the addicts of marijuana trying to get rid of their addiction as well. Thus, if you are wondering about how to get marijuana out of your system without having to suffer the full brunt of the withdrawal syndrome, then proper strategy and accurate execution holds the key to success.

The most effective technique available for how to get marijuana out of your system involve going complete cold turkey on the addiction immediately because this helps in creating a clean break with your past. The key to this process involves a resolute will power, and a passion to come clean in life. However, several lifestyle and behavioral modifications can also turn out to be of immense help. Among the most important of those modifications is removing all traces and memories of the addiction that can act as a potent trigger, and make it even more difficult for you to think about and resist your urge for pot. In fact, avoiding the familiar social circle that you frequented to get high is going to be essential in ensuring that you manage to stay clean from cannabis, and these are the most effective options for how to get weed out of your system.

Involving your family and friends can also turn out to be an effective ploy in creating a support group, which is essential in tackling the painful experience during the withdrawal period. The best choice is not to smoke weed because its traces can remain for long time in the body. Moreover, various miraculous ways that are promised on the internet for how to get marijuana out of your system quickly, but they are nothing but shams, and abstention is the most effective way to come clean on any such marijuana drug tests. The sensitive tests that are available nowadays are capable of finding traces of the active chemical of cannabis and its metabolic byproducts for days since the latest exposure to the drug. Thus, staying away from this drug is the best solution to the query about how to get marijuana out of your system.