Giving Up Alcohol

How to Quit Alcohol?

Quitting alcohol can bring in a host of health benefits to all those who have struggled with their alcohol addictions for prolonged periods. However, the problem with ditching the bottle is that it often turns out to be incredibly hard on the person trying to give up on the booze. Even then, nothing is impossible and proper planning can help in making this effort must more effective, and help any alcoholic in leading a sober life.  Below are some tips for giving up alcohol:

  • The first thing that any person who is considering giving up alcohol needs to do is come clean with themselves, and determine the factors that had lead them to their present predicament. No one is an alcoholic at birth but circumstances or life choices often lead to an increasing dependence on alcohol. An in-depth analysis of the causes behind the development of such a harming addiction is the first step towards finding a remedy. Even those who are not alcoholics per se can consider giving up on booze for a range of health and financial benefits.

  • Seeking the help of family and friends is essential for any person intending to mend their ways and stop alcohol addiction. Support from family and friends is going to be crucial in helping a person in getting over the severe withdrawal symptoms that any addict is bound to experience during their first few days and weeks of staying sober. Family and friends act as highly effective distractions, and aid in coping with the range of emotions that are usually at their high during the time of rehabilitation.

  • Similarly, seeking help from a medical practitioner is going to prove immensely beneficial because the alcohol addicts wondering about to how to quit alcohol often feel lost. This is because most often people tend to shy away from discussing their addiction issues due to societal pressure, which proves to be a hindrance in seeking the path towards finding a remedy. However, doctors can help in providing expert guidance in quitting alcoholism, while also prescribing the required psychoactive drugs that are often necessary to deal with depression that sets in as part of the withdrawal symptoms.

  • Avoiding the obvious trigger such as clubs and bars, as well as, the avoiding the friend circle where drinking is common will sure help you stay sober. Often people find quitting alcohol immensely difficult because of their surroundings, which are constantly reminding them of their earlier habit. Thus, giving up on furniture, and drinking sets associated with the habit from the household can also help in removing the thought about drinking from the mind.

  • Taking up healthy practices such as yoga or meditation can help in channeling the pent up energy towards a constructive path, and help deal with the rage and frustration, which are common with people experiencing withdrawal effects while intending upon giving up alcohol addiction. Moreover, joining a gym and forming a friend circle with people equally interested in following a healthy lifestyle can help in providing the impetus required to breaking clean from old addictions and making a fresh and healthy beginning to life.

  • Adopting the practice of maintaining a sobriety wallet can turn out to be quite effective in keeping the urges of taking a drink or two under check. The practice consists of putting a certain amount of money in the wallet whenever its owner reneges upon his or her promise to quit drinking. They can then spend the money they have saved in this fashion by opting for more relaxing stuff, such as going for a massage or spa to help them calm the jittery nerves caused by the withdrawal effects of quitting alcohol.


Reasons & Benefits of Giving up Alcohol

There are a number of benefits of giving up alcohol, which makes it even more attractive to make any effort necessary to make a sobering turn in one’s life. These benefits range from increasing fitness and decreasing the probability of various lifestyle diseases to an increase in work efficiency and better reputation in the society. Here are some of the main benefits of giving up alcohol:

  • Drinking alcohol over any length of time leads to a gradual building up of the tolerance level to alcohol, which means that a person is going to need an increasing amount of alcohol to feel the same effects. The organ that suffers the most from alcohol is the liver, and scientific studies estimate that an overwhelming majority of the heavy drinkers are likely to suffer from alcoholic fatty liver disease. Moreover, these people are also at a heightened risk of developing cirrhosis of liver and liver cancer, both of which are reason enough to stop alcohol abuse.

  • Similarly, alcohol abuse is among the major causes behind the growing instances of coronary heart diseases, most of which are preventable with the help of right lifestyle choices. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to an increase in the blood pressure level, and can cause alcoholic cardiomyopathy as well. Moreover, the health benefits of giving up alcohol includes a decrease in the probability of suffering from type 2 diabetes, as well as, complications arising from alcoholic lung disease.

  • Alcohol can also lead to prolonged bouts of depression because it falls under the category of drugs termed as depressants, which depresses the mood by creating a dampening effect on the central nervous system. Thus, chronic alcohol abuse can lead to severe bouts of depression, which can lead to unpleasant effects on both a person’s personal, as well as, professional life. Thus, a person stands to gain a lot in his or her life by giving up alcohol and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

  • Prolonged alcohol abuse also puts a considerable stress on a person finances, and kicking the habit can turn out to be an excellent opportunity to save some cash as well. Moreover, the money wasted on treating health conditions caused as a result of alcohol abuse can be avoided as well by quitting alcohol consumption.

Thus, it is quite apparent that people struggling to kick their alcohol addiction stand to gain a lot by giving up alcohol. Moreover, those who do not fall under the bracket of alcohol addicts can still benefit by quitting drinking and turning sober as well.
Advice on How to Quit Alcohol

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