Is Cocaine Bad For You?

Cocaine is extremely popular among the drug users looking for mood-altering substances that can help them in getting a feeling of intense euphoria and excitement which is more commonly known as a ‘high’ according to the regular parlance.

However, the highly addictive nature of this recreational means that its users are bound to become dependent upon it for creation of that feeling of euphoria, and need to take in more of this drug to make the feeling as strong as before as well. Thus, if you happen to be a regular user of this drug, then you need to consider one serious question that is cocaine bad for you, and find the accurate answer for your own sake.

Cocaine works by impeding the re-absorption of dopamine, which is the key chemical agent in the body responsible for the creation of the feeling of elation and euphoria. A higher concentration of this chemical in the body triggers the reward centers in the brain and presents a pleasurable feeling to the person concerned. Cocaine prevents the re-absorption of this vital chemical, and creates a strong feeling of pleasure and euphoria in its users, which is powerful enough to turn them into addicts even after a single usage.

However, the problem lies with the fact that the body of a cocaine addict turns resistant to the higher than usual levels of dopamine after a while, and this results in the need for a higher dosage of this drug for creating the same effect. Moreover, the effects created by cocaine lasts for only a very short period with depression setting in rapidly once the effects of the drug wears off. This makes it imperative for the user to take the drug frequently to maintain the feeling of euphoria. The dual effects makes it imperative for the cocaine users to use this drug more frequently and at a higher dosage to feel as good as they did during the initial phase of addiction. Therefore, while trying to find the answer to the query that is cocaine bad for you, keep in mind the highly addictive nature of this drug and the increased potency to cause harm at a higher dosage.


What Does Cocaine Do To You?

Cocaine produces a number of unpleasant side effects while it is in a high enough concentration in the bloodstream of its users to make them feel elated and euphoric. Therefore, in case you are a regular user of cocaine, you need to always consider what does cocaine do to you both physically and psychologically in addition to making your feel high for a certain period. Cocaine often tends to cause an elevation in the body temperature, as well as, the heart rate. In addition, it contracts the blood vessels and causes the blood pressure to rise considerably. Users also show other signs such as dilation of pupil and increase in breathing rate.

Is Cocaine Bad For You?

Users also experience intense bouts of hallucination, as well as, bizarre and erratic behavior while under the spell of this drug. They can be certain amount of nausea and hyperstimulation, while the users might crave for more of this drug. Denial of the drug can result in surprisingly violent outbursts, while excessively high doses can cause convulsions, seizures, and even death. Moreover, in many of the users this drug may not produce the euphoric and pleasure sensation at all. Instead, they may experience growing fear and psychosis, while it can also cause a heightened feeling of anxiety in some. However, one thing for certain that once the effects of this drug wears off, intense depression sets in when the users may feel lack of motivation and even suicidal. These were just a few of the dangerous effects of what does cocaine do to you.


The drug can also cause severe long-term damage to the body and mind of the addicts, which include chronic depression, and eating disorders. Addicts who snort the drug can lose their ability to smell, and develop perpetually runny nose. Similarly, those who rub it on their gums and teeth can develop tooth decay. The drug can also cause gangrene to the intestinal region if ingested, and respiratory failure in users smoking it. Thus, the answer to the query regarding is cocaine bad for you is a resounding ‘Yes’ in case you are a user.

Cocaine usage can severely impact the lifestyle and career prospects of its users by making them physically and psychologically vulnerable. Its usage gives rise to increased chances of erratic and violent behavior while it can also lead to a significant deterioration in their regular sex life. Users who inject cocaine directly into their bloodstream stand a heightened chance of contracting various infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, and developing abscesses under their skin at the very least. Thus, the answer to the query regarding is cocaine bad for you & what does cocaine do to you is that it can destroy the life and health of its users.

Case Studies:

A study in 1994 in the ‘Academic Emergency Medicine Journal’ saw scientists conduct tests on a group of 246 patients with cocaine associated chest pain to determine the incidence of myocardial infarction (heart attack) in this group. They conducted these tests in six hospital emergency departments. They recorded the demographic variables, drug abuse patterns, medical histories, and chest pain characteristics with the final emphasis on myocardial infarction. Results showed that fourteen of 246 patients had myocardial infarction (heart attack). They observed chest pain in the median of 60 minutes to 120 minutes. There were two deaths as well.

Another study published in 1993 in the ‘Circulation Journal’ carried tests to show the association of cocaine ingestion with thrombosis (clotting) of coronary as well as peripheral arteries. They conducted tests to determine the activation of human platelets by cocaine. They made use of the flow cytometric analysis of whole blood to which they added cocaine. They could not determine the mechanism by which cocaine promotes thrombus formation. Results show that cocaine in certain concentrations can induce activation of individual platelets in some but not all the donors, and may contribute to thrombosis (blood clotting).

These studies show that chest pains are very common amongst cocaine users, and myocardial infarction (heart attacks) and cases of death are known to occur frequently in some cases aswell. So chest pains aren’t a good sign amongst cocaine user, and seeking medical advice at the hospital is recommended in such cases. The use of cocaine has also shown an increase in thrombosis (blood clotting) within the arteries for most addicts, which is no surprise as to why heart attacks are so common among users of cocaine.


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