Do Cigars Have Nicotine?

Cigar users may have a hard time digesting the truth about cigars being harmful for health, especially if you’ve grown up to know that they are less likely to cause cancer and are better than cigarettes in all health aspects. However, cigars are known to cause breathing issues and give rise to mouth, larynx, and throat and lung cancer in many.


Why are Cigars more Popular than Cigarettes?

A report published in 1964 stated that smoking less than 5 cigars a day results in the same death rate in comparison to light cigarette smokers. This was one of the main reasons as to why occasional cigars have always been preferred. Although some still questioned do cigars have nicotine or not and if so how much, most people were happy to quit their cigarettes and pick up a cigar or two daily. It has been found through other studies that smoking cigars resulted in users feeling relaxed and de-stressing, but there are also many harmful chemicals in cigars that cause cancer, and it by far outweighs any benefits.


Adverse Effects of Smoking Cigars:

Since many tend to believe cigars are less harmful than cigarettes and question do cigars have nicotine to cause enough damage or not, must studies have successfully concluded that cigar smokers are about 1.27 times more likely to suffer from coronary disease of the heart than non-smokers, and have 1.45 times higher chance of developing Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in comparison to the non-smokers. So whether or not do cigars have nicotine should be the least of your worries.


So, Do Cigars have Nicotine?

Before drawing any conclusion on do cigars have nicotine or not, it’s important to understand what could go wrong if it in fact have nicotine. Other than nasal and oral irritation, nicotine can cause blisters and sores in the mouth and prolonged usage has been linked to cancer, although nicotine is not directly responsible for it, but the presence of tar is the cause of cancer while nicotine is just addictive in nature.
For the smokers who are trying to quit smoking, cigars are among the most popular quit smoking aids. Contrary to the regular cigarettes that produces the smoke, loaded with various hazardous chemicals and agents, other than Nicotine, these devices produces vapors that you will inhale. Apparently it seems to be innocent, however, you can never ever give it a perfect clean chit. If you are wondering is there nicotine in cigars, the straightforward answer is yes, there is nicotine in cigars, which can be come with varied levels of nicotine inside them.

Do Cigars Have Nicotine
Nicotine Molecule
In a study published in the ‘Nicotine & Tobacco Research Journal’, tests were carried out to analysis the amount of nicotine concentration, tobacco aqueous pH and smoke pH of some very popular brands of cigars in the U.S.A including cigarillos (small cigars) and premium cigars. While the Tobacco content ranged between 0.53 g -21.5 g, the content of nicotine ranged between 5.9 mg-333.52 mg per cigar basis. The aq. pH of tobacco ranged between 5.7-7.8 and the smoke pH varied widely across different sizes and brands, resulting in staying acidic after the 1st 3rd of the cigarillos while it became alkaline after the 1st 3rd in case of some premium cigars.
Another study published in the ‘Journal of Chromatography A’ looked at studying the effects moisture can have on extraction of nicotine in case of cigars. This study showed that when nicotine is extracted in the presence of a polar solvent, the yield is higher in comparison to the presence of a non-polar solvent. The results were same when different techniques were used. This study concluded that with higher moisture content the nicotine extraction increased till a certain extent, and leveled off thereafter. But it’s interesting to note that moist tobacco products have a higher level of nicotine, which may be a reason why some users may prefer certain brands with moist tobacco as they would feel a greater hit of nicotine after use.
These studies discussed above clearly indicates that Cigars do have nicotine, it’s extraction increases with the moisture content of the cigar till a certain limitation, and clearly answers do cigars have nicotine or not with a clear yes. Click here to learn more about whether nicotine is harmful or not.

Some cigars are known to contain upto 70 times as much nicotine as in cigarettes, as the thickness and length of a cigar will be much higher than the dimensions of the regular cigarettes. Hence, smoking a full cigar usually takes around an hour’s time. However, there are certain brands of cigar that are longer than usual, and they are likely to contain nicotine to the extent of 200 mg nicotine in a cigar. Such cigars can intensify the dependence on nicotine significantly as it supplies excessive amounts of nicotine to your body.


Different Brands of Cigars May Carry Different Amounts of Nicotine:

Wondering, how much nicotine is in a cigar? Well, different brands of cigars, and the cigars length and thickness will determine the different levels of nicotine in them. The most significant point of difference between the cigars and the cigarette is that in the former case, the nicotine is purely of clinical grade, compared with the second case, where, the nicotine is of commercial grade. Even if the cigars contain lesser amount of nicotine as in cigarette, this volume is sufficient to give you the hit of nicotine that you get from smoking a cigarette. Now a days, cigar and cigarette packets contain a label on the side stating the approximate amount of nicotine, tar, and Carbon Monoxide inside them.

The Nicotine in each Cigar will be different according to Cigars length and thickness.
The Nicotine in each Cigar will be different according to Cigar length and thickness.

Should you be Alarmed if you are into Smoking Cigars?

Everything in moderation is the key here. Should you smoke cigars? No, because it has its own adverse effects but if you are addicted to it, it is advisable to reduce the number to one or two a day because it can give off a substantial amount of tar which highly causes cancer.
The way cigarettes and cigars are processed is what makes all the difference. Prior to the processing part the tobacco incorporated in both of these guilty-pleasure items are the same. What sets the difference between these two is the amount of tobacco consumed and the quality it has. If you’re a cigar lover, while smoking a cigar it’s important to not inhale the smoke directly, and it can be easily avoided by putting your cigar down between puffs. How much tobacco you consume a day plays a very important role in how it can affect your health, so to maintain a healthy lifestyle while indulging in a few cigars a week, it’s best to smoke cigars in moderation. While chewing tobacco is a big no-no, the same is the case with cigars as it leads to accumulation of a higher amount of tar in the mouth, which can be very harmful.
To help you give up cigars and cigarettes, there are a number of different quitting aids which can help. Click here to find out more.

People Sometime use Cigars as an aid to Control the Craving to Smoke

Quit Nicotine Smoking in 7 Days!If you are adopting the cigars, keep in mind that the purpose of using these items can support one to reduce smoking. But, one should always limit the frequency and extent of smoking to a minimum, and try the practice of putting out a cigar, and then smoking again after a long interval. This will help you to reduce the overall number of cigars smoked a day.
By smoking in a ‘short and limited’ manner, one can prevent excessive amounts of nicotine to enter into the bloodstream and stimulating the brain to crave for a smoke.



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