How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your Blood?

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your Blood?

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Dependent on the method of intake, cocaine and its primary metabolite: ‘benzoylecgonine’ can stay in the blood in high concentrations for around 6 to 7 hours, and can last in the blood up to 48-72 hours since its last use.


How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your Blood?

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Cocaine is a highly addictive recreational drug, which is the annoyance of law enforcement agencies around the globe despite it being illegal for processing, using, or even possession. Moreover, traces of this drug can linger for a considerable amount of time in the system of the users, and this makes them particularly vulnerable to various drug tests that law enforcers rely upon to pick up drug abusers. Therefore, it becomes imperative that regular, and even occasional users become more aware regarding the answer to the common query about how long does cocaine stay in your blood. This will help you in averting the disastrous consequences of having flunked a cocaine drug test by making sure your system is clean before appearing for any such test.

The half-life of cocaine in the blood is considerably brief of around 0.8 to 0.2 hour, but that of its primary metabolite benzoylecgonine is considerably longer. In fact, this metabolite has a half-life of 6 to 7 hours, which means that it can remain in highly detectable concentration for several hours since the latest usage of this drug. Moreover, the half-life of some of the other metabolites of cocaine is even longer than that of the main metabolite, benzoylecgonine. In fact, the half-life of benzoylecgonine is high enough to ensure that moderately detectable amount of this metabolite remains in the blood samples of suspected cocaine users even 72 hours after their latest exposure to this drug. Thus, it becomes considerably difficult for cocaine users to evade the cocaine blood test because of the longevity of many of the metabolites of this drug. However, you need to remember that for how long does cocaine stay in blood depends on a number of other factors as well.

Factors to Consider:

The fact about cocaine use that you must become aware of in the very beginning is that the duration of the drug in the bloodstream depends to an extent upon the route used by you for its administration. Thus, you need to base your calculation regarding how long does cocaine stay in blood upon the way in which you prefer to take your dose of drug. The routes preferred by addicts for taking this drug are many ranging from the usual smoking the stuff, and snorting it through the nose, to the more risky way of injecting it directly into the bloodstream. The peak value of the drug and its various metabolites in the bloodstream will occur differently according to the route of administration opted upon by the addicts. Moreover, the concentration of drug taken by the users will also decide the time duration for which it will retain its peak value in the bloodstream.

The frequency with which any user takes this drug, as well as, the metabolic rate of that person decides to an extent the longevity of the drug and its metabolites in the bloodstream. Moreover, the general health condition of the uses, as well as, their gender and age also play significant roles. Furthermore, the tolerance level that users develop against chronic usage of the drug also determines the duration for which the drug and its metabolites remain in the bloodstream in detectable concentration. Therefore, if you wondering about How long does cocaine stay in your blood, then you need to put all these factors into the considerable for arriving at an accurate enough estimation.


How the Different Routes of Administration can affect the Health:

Cocaine addicts usually feel the intense ‘high’ of using cocaine by injecting it directly into the bloodstream. However, health experts agree that this is also the most deadly option, and can lead to fatal overdoses, as well as, transmission of infectious disease including HIV/AIDS. Cocaine is usually available in its powder form, which is known as cocaine hydrochloride that users dissolve in water for injecting into the bloodstream. Another popular route is through the nasal membrane by snorting the powder cocaine. However, this makes the addicts predisposed towards developing permanently runny noses, and loss in the ability of smelling. Smoking is also common because the cocaine crosses the lung alveoli and moves into the bloodstream at about the same efficiency as that of injecting it. Some of the addicts also prefer to rub the powder upon their gums and teeth, while others opt to rely upon ingesting it for a more delayed action of the cocaine upon their system. However, irrespective of the route of administration that decide to an extent how long does cocaine stay in your blood, cocaine manages to enter the bloodstream and cause a wide range of harmful effects on the central nervous system. Check out the ‘is cocaine bad for you‘ article for a more detailed insight.

Blood Test for Detecting Cocaine:

The cocaine blood test is highly popular in spite of its invasive nature, as well as, the considerably higher cost compared to most other cocaine drug tests, because of the accuracy and the reliability of the results obtained. The test involves drawing of blood sample from any suspected user of cocaine, and then looking for specific metabolites in the form of detectable markers to confirm the presence of this drug in the test sample. The detectable markers reach reasonable high concentration in the bloodstream within a few minutes of exposure to cocaine, and remains in a fairly high concentration for at least 5 to 6 hours from the time of drug use. Moreover, the metabolites tend to retain a basal level in the bloodstream of chronic users. Therefore, deciding how long cocaine stay in blood can become more complicated if you are a chronic user, and the best bet for you is to quit it to become sure of acing all such drug tests in the future.
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