How Does Alcohol Affect The Body?

If you happen to be a drinker, then you would do well to become more aware about what alcohol does to your body. This is because even a small amount of alcohol that you ingest travels relatively faster throughout the body by using the bloodstream and can cause considerable effects on various parts of the body. Alcohol enters the bloodstream extremely quickly through the epithelial lining of the stomach, and through their it can reach all the vital organs of the body. Thus, it affects various organ systems of the body such as the circulatory system, digestive system, central nervous system, and excretory system to jeopardize with the proper functioning of the body. A thorough understanding of the effects of alcohol on the body is likely to prove a stronger deterrence for those thinking of consuming alcohol regularly.

Effects Of Alcohol On The Body
Effects Of Alcohol On The Body



How does Alcohol affect you in Mouth?

Alcohol produces unpleasant effects on the body from the moment it enters the oral cavity. It can cause tooth decay, and even tooth loss, as well as, damage to the taste buds present on the tongue. Moreover, it is among the leading causes of oral cancer, which becomes significantly higher when combined with tobacco consumption.


What Alcohol does to your Body’s Digestion?

Effects of alcohol on the body digestion when consumed excessively can often leads to the impairment of the digestive system, and results in flatulence, bloating, and general indigestion. Moreover, frequent acid refluxes occurs which can lead to formation of ulcers and cirrhosis of the stomach and the esophagus. Thus, alcohol effects on the body are quite severe in case of the digestive system.

How does Alcohol affect the Body Organs?

Apart from these, if you are still wondering about what does alcohol do to your body then the answer to that query is not too cheery for the drinkers. This, is because alcohol severely affects the liver and the pancreas, both of which play a major role in alcohol metabolism, and its effective removal from the body. Heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to alcoholic hepatitis or jaundice, while it can also cause inflammation of the liver that can ultimately result in permanent scarring. This scarring is the cirrhosis of the liver, which severely imparts its functioning, and often leads to development of liver cancer as well.
How Does Alcohol Affect The Body

How does Alcohol affect the Body Sugar Levels?

Similarly, damage to the pancreas can give rise to scarring, and development of condition called pancreatitis, which is quite severe, and results in permanent damage of the organ. Moreover, damage to the pancreas can also compromise with the body’s ability to produce insulin. A combination of malfunctioning liver and pancreas can cause sudden fluctuations in the blood sugar level, which is quite a dangerous occurrence. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level and hyperglycemia or high blood sugar level is particularly dangerous in case of people suffering from diabetes. In fact, an increase in the risk factor of type 2 diabetes is among the most common of effects of alcohol on the body.

How does Alcohol affect the Body Nervous System?

If you are still wondering about how alcohol affects the body, then the harmful effects it has on the central nervous system ought to act as a powerful deterrence against alcohol abuse. This is because the effects of alcohol on the nervous system are the fastest and often the most easily discernible in the body. Alcohol enters the bloodstream, and reaches the brain rapidly to begin asserting its presence by dulling the senses and clouding judgement. Moreover, alcohol begins to interfere with one’s ability to walk by reducing muscle coordination, as well as, impede communication by slurring speech. In addition to that, prolonged consumption of alcohol can lead to shrinking of the frontal lobe and brain damage leading to seizures and dementia. Alcoholism can also lead to thymine deficiency and result in rapid eye movements, weakness and ultimately to paralysis of the eye muscles.


Effects of Alcohol on the Body Circulatory System?

Alcohol effects on the body are also extremely severe on the circulatory system, with alcohol abuse being one of the most potent risk factors for the development of cardiac diseases. Prolonged drinking can lead to blocked arteries and strokes, which often prove to be fatal. Moreover, the chances of developing heart diseases because of alcohol consumption are higher among women compared to men, which means that they need to be on their guard. Even if something as serious as cardiac arrest or cardiac failure does not occur, alcohol abuse often results in high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeats or arrhythmia.


How does Alcohol affect the Body’s Reproductive System?

How does alcohol affect the body reproductive system is that alcohol can also have a number of undesirable effects on the reproductive health of a person. Thus, alcohol consumption can lead to inhibition of hormone production, while also affecting testicular function, which can result in male infertility. On the other hand, women can suffer from a whole range of ailment of their reproductive system because of alcohol abuse. Alcohol consumption can be particularly harmful during pregnancy because it interferes with fetal development. Thus, it is important for pregnant women and those intending to become a mother soon ought to become aware about the effects of alcohol on the body.

Alcohol can also cause vitamin deficiencies in the body, while also causing extensive harm to the skeletal structure. Finally, alcohol acts differently in men and women, with women taking longer to metabolize it. Moreover, the water content in women is lower when compared to men, which means that lesser amounts of alcohol produces undesirable effects on them compared to their male counterparts. These are the key facts that you need to keep in mind while considering about going for a drink because the alcohol effects on the body are not at all desirable.
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